• 7 Cento

    Tailored like a suit from Brioni. And as beautiful as Monica Bellucci. A racing machine for discerning enthusiasts: extremely light, extremely stiff, extremely safe.

  • Zero Uno

    Design plus functionality – like Alessi’s iconic pieces. Fulfils all the requirements in an exclusive racing bike.

  • TT1

    Robust and well-made– like the wines of Tuscany. Time trial and triathlon machines, built for athletes, for whom only the best materials and the latest technology are good enough.

  • XUno

    Headstrong and untamed as Ferrari’s Cavallino Rampant. The ultimate cyclo-cross racing machine: fast, light, uncompromising.


Passione e Precisione

Vigorelli frames combine craftsmanship, cutting edge technology and modern design. We attach as much importance to the quality of production as to the materials used. Each frame is given a unique stiffness and unique comfort through our double-wrapping technology and is handcrafted in Italy using the tube-to-tube process.

Vigorelli bikes are always painted by hand – by the same specialists who also take on the frames of professional drivers. The final assembly of Vigorelli bicycles takes place in Switzerland, allowing us to provide a perfect product: Italian tradition and craftsmanship combined with Swiss precision.

Collezione Delle Nostre Bici